Research and Innovation Staff Exchange


RISE is the acronym for Research and Innovation Staff Exchange. Under this programme, EU supports international and inter-sector collaborations through research and innovation staff exchanges, and sharing of knowledge and ideas from research to market (and vice-versa).
ExpoSEED is a RISE project; its activities are planned from January 2016 to December 2019. It involves organisations from European academic and non-academic sectors as well as third countries partners. The EU grant mainly supports the international and intersectoral mobility of European staff members, based on secondments of research and innovation staff (exchanges) with an in-built return mechanism. In this environment, both experienced researchers and early stage investigators have the possibility to increase their set of skills and to transfer back the acquired knowledge to the sending institution. RISE projects are designed to support the creation of trans-continental collaboration platform that put together complementary expertise. More specifically, the ExpoSEED partners aim to join different approaches on model and crop species to finally meet the need to understand how to increase yield in cultivated species.